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Forward Thinking

 First established in 2008 by a certified DfT Air Cargo Instructor, we are constantly developing new courses and threat X-ray libraries. Our valued customers’ feedback always shapes software development to improve our offering.

Problem Solvers

Trusted by multinationals, regulated agents with small numbers of employees, and certified training providers alike, we know the Air Cargo Training industry and the rigourous demands it places on security managers. We’ve developed courses to meet those demands that can be accessed conveniently. 

Customer Support

We offer the customer support we ourselves would like to receive: prompt, effective and we get to know our customers well. Always happy to help with all aspects of training deployment from installation, monitoring and occasionally even impartial training advice. 

Jacqueline Berry

Jacqueline Berry

Owner of Adaptive Detection Ltd, DfT Instructor and Software Developer

With a background of 20+ years experience as an interactive designer and software development, specialising in X-ray threat detection research and machine simulations, Jacqueline is uniquely placed as an accredited DfT Instructor to ensure adaptive Cargo IEDware CBT and online training meets and exceeds mandatory requirements.

Andrew Hudson

Andrew Hudson

Development Partner, DfT Instructor and Owner of AviationSec Ltd.

Working together with Adaptive Detection Ltd. Andrew is the guru of regulations, X-ray threats and instumental in suggestions for effective training exercises. A DfT instructor for decades training large and smaller companies at all levels, Andrew is a NXCT test manager, RFX and threat assessor, specialising in Air Cargo X-ray RFX, security programmes and contingency planning.