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Cargo IEDware 6 x 6

Advanced X-ray Screener Training Software

Meet Garry... One of Our Many Valued Customers

 Garry Clarke, Quality and Compliance Manager, Worldwide Flight Services Ltd

“Our training team evaluated the various CBT available to use and selected Cargo IEDware. It has proven to be cost effective and a reliable system to help meet our EC185 training requirements. Our screeners are able to access the system 24/7 and this has helped us when working around the many busy periods in our business.

As the Quality & Compliance Manager of a company with many handling stations across UK & Ireland, it is a convenient system to monitor “live screener” information via the web such as training time completed and progress made by our staff, this enables us to remain compliant with the regulations laid down by the DfT.

Due to this, and the excellent behind the scenes service received from the software provider, I have been happy to recommend Cargo IEDware to other partners in our industry”

Who Uses Cargo IEDware?

Security, Compliance and Training Managers at:

Major Global Handling Companies

International Forwarders

Certified Air Cargo Training Providers

Key Elements

 Meets and exceeds EC185 Regulations on recurrent screener training.  Jointly developed Adaptive Detection Ltd and  AviationSec Ltd.  recognised as an accredited air cargo training providers. 

Target Audience

This popular, cost effective and reliable computer based training solution enables screeners to improve their threat detection skills while at work. There are different training exercises of 12 levels of difficulty (apart from XCT).


Based on the latest research, search difficulty individually adapts to each screener’s ability using a large X-ray library of thousands of images. Training time is automatically logged allowing monitoring by managers either locally or remotely via the web.

In Use at 15 International Airports

Free trials are available for this popular, cost effective and reliable

computer-based training.

Here’s a short video overview of Cargo IEDware in action if you have a few minutes to spare…

How it Works For Cargo Screeners

In a secure area at work cargo screeners train on a PC during quiet periods. Once logged on ACTUAL training time and progress, not simply logged in time, is automatically recorded. Screeners are motivated (it has been described as addictive!) to complete short typically five minutes training exercises detecting Improvised Explosive Devices if present in X-ray images. Cargo IEDware has five intensive courses each with 12 levels of difficulty – apart from the X-ray Competency Test exercise. Search difficulty adapts to individual screener performance using a large (> 4500) X-ray image library.

How it Works for Security Managers

Once screener training has been completed, using the Trainer Admin module, current user data can be viewed individually, managed and exported locally as an Excel file. Data can also be viewed via a web link to a password protected area for any number of branches.

How it Works For IT Managers and Mere Mortals

Cargo IEDware is easily downloaded and easily installed onto a PC (or company server such as CitrixTM – IT manager recommended here) where screeners can access for maximum performance and reliability. “Live” screener data in two files (one for archiving) are stored locally and periodically uploaded to a password protected area on the web for viewing.