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Accredited Online Air Cargo Training

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What Courses are Available?

Cargo Operative (CO)

Cargo Awareness Security Principles (CASP)

Dangerous Goods Awareness   (DGA Cat 8 & 12)

X-ray Operator Assessment Test (pre-NXCT warm up)

X-ray 500 Images (New Screeners)


Key Elements

 Complete online training 24/7 when and where it’s convenient. Upon course completion an email pdf certificate is automatically emailed to you and can be instantly printed.    

Target Audience

It doesn’t matter what your role is, cleaner or cargo operative, if unescorted employees are in restricted areas security managers need to ensure they have current, compliant training.

Designed and developed by DfT accredited Air Cargo Security Training Instructors, our range of Cargo and X-ray Operator courses keep your staff operational and safe.  


 If you have a handful of employees needing training, or would like a dedicated training area for larger numbers, contact us  with your training needs.

*All candidates must be checked as per EU/DfT requirements

Quality Accredited Air Cargo Security Training When You Need it


Course Certificate automatically emailed upon Successful Completion.

Cargo Operative (CO) or with Driver (CO2)

Previously known as level D, all employees that handle, transport or implement security controls for air cargo require this mandatory DfT accredited certificated course every two years. The first part of the course contains the following five modules: the threat to aviation, organisations in aviation security, cargo protection – buildings, dealing with incidents, and road transport, followed by a 28 question test. The second part of this course contains six modules; the cargo security regime, accepting and dispatching secure cargo, prohibited articles, concealment and finally screening methods. The second test of 20 questions completes the course and if successful generates the automatic pdf emailing of their certificate.  For companies who require training of larger numbers, we have set up areas on our online platform where security managers can directly access certificates, results and be provided with course keys. 

Dangerous Goods Awareness (Cat 8 & 12)

This training is mandatory for all new employees handling cargo, mail and baggage with a refresher course required after 2 years. This course with accompanying booklet, covers aspects such as what are dangerous goods?, the rules and regulations, the different classications of dangerous goods and hazard labels, provisions for storage and loading (including incompatibility and segregation), CHiP regulations, notification to captain (NOTOC), inspection of damaged packages and emergency procedures. 

There is a course test of 30 questions that if successful automatcially generates and emails to the security manager a pdf completion certificate.

X-ray Operator Assessment

As a security manager, making this course available to your X-ray Operators can be used either as a refresher before their mandatory official test (NXCT in the UK) or as a training tool to improve IED detection, identify everyday objects and regulatory standards. The first part of the Assessment has 30 questions covering aspects such as X-ray identification of everyday objects, machine operation and safety. The second part of the Assessment contains 100 X-ray images to be identified as Threat or Clear. 

For our customers with many X-ray Operators, we have dedicated areas on our training platform where security managers can view reports on progress, results, and even individual questions/answers. This has proven popular for highlighting areas of training development that can be difficult to identify. Both Assessment parts can be taken as many times as required with automatic pdf email of course completion certificate.

X-ray 500 Images (New Operators)

Designed to run alongside a new X-ray Operator’s on the job training (OJT), this 2-3 hour course is divided into four parts allowing judgements on over 500+ Threat and Clear X-ray images. Upon completion this can be noted in their official record.

The first three parts each contain 170 X-ray images randomly selected from the library, whereas in the final part 20 everyday items are identified. A course pdf certificate is automatically emailed upon successful completion.